• Highest precision using Dentilligent MLS technology

  • Perfect margin, upto 99% marginal seal

  • Anatomical framework assurance.

  • 100 % MEDICALLY proven metal

  • 100% GLASS CERAMIC for max aesthetic

  • Life like appearance.

A certified system for additive manufacturing of new generation PFMs,Dentilligent MLS technology. Uses the worlds Best metal laser 3D printer SISMA MYSINT laser sintering machine. The metal frame is fabricated using CAD files by sintering special Co-Cr-Mb-based powder layer by layer. This wonder alloy is extremely biocompatible.

To ensure the purity of materials, SISMA uses CE certified alloy powder directly imported from the manufacturer. It offers a tensile strength of 1350 MPa and has a bonding strength of 42 MPa with recommended Ivoclar, GC and Shofu. It has incredibly thin margins in comparison with conventional PFM. The CAD process detects and eliminates undercut up to 0.2 mm and the CAM process facilitates equal space for ceramic binding and avoids ceramic chip-off. The long span bridges up to 16 units can be fabricated and the high precision allows easy crown fixing. This is not your run-of-the-mill products, instead it is a role-model product.