This biomedical grade product relies entirely on impeccable German technology and raw material. Designed to perform with unparallel functionality and ease, Dentiligent zirconia is a world-class innovation in all-ceramic prosthesis.

It uses most-modern CAD/CAM techniques. The substructure in tooth-colour gives it a beautiful form factor and natural performance. That’s quite different from PFM and usual, opaque zirconia restorations. Dentilligent Zirconia crowns have higher translucency than all its peers, while staying super strong. The substructures come in alluring fluorescent shades, 7-effect shades and over 40 vivid, warm and natural variants (all VITA shades are available).

with natural translucency, and perfect marginal fit, thanks to precision CAD/CAM design and manufacturing. Its high flexural strength of 1450 MPa ensures the long-term success of restoration. And the tooth-coloured translucent substructure ensures that the natural tooth shade comes right from the internal framework level.

  • 3D multilayer zirconia with graduating Shade transparency and hardness in 6 layers
  • Giving natural teeth layering effect with natural shade gradients
  • hardness gradient into 6 layers protects opposing natural tooth from wearing
  • Stunning shade effects like glass ceramics blending with adjacent teeth
  • Less cervical transparency and highest transparency at incisal area giving a 3d multi layer effect
  • Premium quality Zirconia is the best solution for dentist requirement
  • High strength UPTU 1400 Mpa
  • Translucency UPTU 43%
  • lowest abrasion of the opposing teeth
  • Best suited for anterior as well as posterior cases
  • Ivoclar product
  • Quality and aesthetic assured
  • 15 year online WARRANTY
  • Layering and monolithic options
  • DENTSPLY SIRONA quality assurance
  • Authorize milling partner
  • High strength and aesthetic
  • Online 15 yrs WARRANTY

IPS e.max is designed with simplicity and versatility and offers great aesthetics and strength. This high strength porcelain veneers uses bio-compatible lithium disilicate glass-ceramic ingots that lends natural translucency to the tooth. IPS e.max stands for ultimate aesthetics and provides natural tooth-like translucency. A consumer’s delight. And the doctor’s pride.

  • Ultimate aesthetics
  • High-strength porcelain veneers
  • Natural tooth-like translucency
  • Proven beauty with millions of cases around world
  • Best solution for smile designing
  • Minimal Occlusal wear
  • Available In emax pressed ,emax MILLED form
  • Veneers , crowns ,upto 3 unit bridges.
  • Emax pressed over zirconia framework
  • Good bond between rendering ceramic with zr framework
  • Strength and AESTHETICS improved
  • Low abrasion of opposite tooth